Snicker Nice Cream

Snicker Nice Cream

Peanut Butter Balls

1/2 Cup of Crunchy Peanut Butter
3 Tbsp Maple Syrup

Mix both together and heat on low until well combined.
As it starts to thicken, turn off heat.
Let Cool then roll into balls.
Chill in freezer.
About 10minutes or make a big batch and store in a container in the freezer.

Caramel Sauce

1 cup Dried Dates
1 cup Water
1 tsp vanilla

Soak Dates in water for a few hours.
Drain half of the water then pop in the blender with the vanilla.
Blend until super smooth.

Chocolate Crackle

Theres two ways you can make this

First Option - 

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
1/4 cup Vegan Chocolate

Heat together until fully melted and mixed together.
Wait until it has cooled, then drizzle over dessert.

Second Option -

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
1 Tbsp Carob Powder
(or any coco powder of choice)
1 Tbsp Maple Syrup

Again using the same method as option one.


Snickers Nice Cream

Chocolate Nice Cream

3 Frozen Bananas
1 tsp Vanilla mixed into 1 Tbsp Maple Syrup
1/4 Cup Carob Powder
1/2 Cup Coconut Cream

Using a tamper blend together all the ingredients.
Depending on how you like your Nice Cream, you can serve as it is or
transfer Nice Cream into a container and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes before serving.


To serve

Scoop out Nice Cream
Top with Caramel Sauce, Peanut Butter Balls, Sliced Almonds then drizzled with chocolate crackling sauce!