Change In Plans...

After taking an unexpected break from all social media and actually most of our daily adventures, I wanted to take some time and write a proper blog post explaining how Ive been feeling and whats been going on.

Van life with an infant || SLOW LIVING

So change of Plans... We will still be taking a summer Gypsy adventure as planned but slightly different. 
We weren't having much luck finding the perfect Caravan that made us feel like home, also I was really surprised at how expensive most of the older Caravans were. Then adding the expense of reno's and kitting it out, it was working out to be a bit to much for us at this time. 
So we found this awesome New Zealand Company who make Roof Top Tents. Super different to a Caravan but we felt like it felt right for us so we went ahead a purchased one..yeeee!

So now our Roof Top adventure plans have began!


We will now be starting our adventure on a different Coast, right next to the beach in Papamoa close to some good friends who also have young kiddies. From there we have no plans, we will take it as it comes!

BECAUSE we will be having another baby!

I'm due in early February which means my whole summer plans have to be cut short so that we will be home to be ready for our new Cub! So now my approach to our adventure is more to spend as much time with our little Ellie girl before we add another Cub to the crew and things turn crazy!

adventures with an infant SLOW LIVING

I'm hoping it will be warm enough in November for us to spend most days at the beach just flowing with what we gravitate towards.  

I would love to get back into creating more unique Macrame Wall Hangings, once I stop feeling so grossly sick! The past few months have been lacking motivation and creative vibes, but now i'm closer to the 3month mark hopefully I can continue to manifest creative days, slow living and market days with my bebe!

SLOW LIVING Organic lifestyle travelling with and infant

So soon I will be back to full swing on Instagram and Youtube!
I would love to put more of myself into creating Videos for Youtube. I would love to start creating more vlogs of our gypsy adventures this summer.

Leave me a comment if you would like to see more of my family on youtube? 

Also write your Youtube account name in the comments so I can follow your adventures too!

BEACH DAYS slow living!!