Travelling as a Minimalist Mama

“If happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be top priority.”
– Richard Branson

Minimalism has lead me to live a more mindful lifestyle.
Mindfulness is the energy that helps us recognise the conditions of happiness that are already present in our lives.


Minimalist Packing with an Infant \\ Tips For Packing \\ Reduce Waste while travelling

Heres a list of items I use to promote a minimalistic packing regime.

Grab a cuppa it's a long one.
Ive broken it down into a few different sections


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1. Keep Cup - This one here is my favourite style of coffee cup, not only can it be used for coffee but I use it for cold drinks, its my wine glass, my beer glass and also my soup cup. Its double walled glass, when you take off the sleeve and lid, it looks just like a normal drinking glass. Plus it looks cute!

2. Reusable shopping bag - I usually carry one with me when im travelling, this style is great because it can squeeze into any bag, pocket or small space.

3. Luggage Cubes - Once you start using these you will wonder where they have been your whole life. I even use these to pack my daughters bags. They save space in your bag but also help you pack only necessary items. 

4. Coffee Dripper - This is for single coffees and they sit on top of your mug. This one is great because you don't need a paper filter, its good to go as is. 

5. Reusable Drink Bottle - To promote less plastic water battles.

6. Sunny Life Picnic Set - This thing is my favourite travelling item. It comes with 2 plates, 2 each of forks, knifes and spoons. 

7. Silicone Storage Bags - These are the bees nees, honestly!! You can pack small fruit, nuts, dried fruit and also left over sauces. A great alternative to single use plastic zip bags but also a great alternative to plastic containers as they don't take up much room.

8. Mason Jar - I usually pack one large one for mixing Bircher, home made coconut yoghurt and storing left overs.

9. Travel Towel - I like travel towels for a few reasons, they usually come packed in a tidy little bag but they also dry really quickly. I always just take one large one which i use for both Ellie and Me.




When it comes to self care, I try to use items that have more then one purpose.

This helps keep the beauty product clutter to a minimum.
Its always been a hard area for me to pack minimally. I have really sensitive, acne prone skin so when I find a skin care routine that works,
i'm not keen on breaking the rhythm. Check out my post on what my skin care regime looks like.
So other then skin care products, heres how I travel light with beauty products.


1. Lush Mascara - Nice and small, so its easy to pack. 

2. Inka Eyebrow pencil - Beautiful product. Using a pencil makes getting ready quicker but also small in size for packing.

3. Lush Toothy Tabs - I love these, especially the Dirty flavour, they take off coffee stains really quickly.

4. Inka BB Cream - I dont use this often but its nice to have when you want to dress up a little or cover a few spots. 

5. Bentonite Clay - There are so many uses for this Clay. I use it as a face mask, Hair mask and I mix it into water when I need to wash my face or in a bath is your lucky enough to find one on your travels.

6. Coconut Oil - Great for moisturising your body, Oil pulling, Hair, body wash and cooking.





I like to take away a hand full of different cleaning products when we are away of a long trip.


1. Soap Nuts - For washing clothes + cleaning dishers. I buy these in bulk, then pop about 10 into a reusable container. You only need a few for each wash, but then you can reuse the same Nuts for a couple of washes. 

2. Hand Sanitiser - I usually always have one on me, mostly because i don't like soaps in public Restrooms haha. but its great when w you don't have a larger water supply.

3. Citronella Oil - Great to repel mozzies, but also great for fry scalp.

4. Walnut Scrubber Sponge - I use this sponge which is made from earth friendly materials. Most of the time i don't use dish wash.




Packing Minimal for a toddler can seem near impossible, but once you get the hang of it, it will making travelling a lot less stress full. 

I personally use disposable nappies when we are travelling, its easier for me.
Although I try to let Ellie run about in underwear when possible, as we are getting closer to ditching the nappies. yaay!!

I always get undecided on taking a pram with me as our one is really large. We have a smaller one which we use around the city and while shopping but for me when I am living away from home I love to go on big walks or Morning runs, which is more comfortable with a larger pram as thats what its designed for.

So other than a Pram, Car Seat and clothing these are the items I pack for bebe!

1. Books - We always take 2 books! We also usually good book hunting of rainy days and find another one for the shelf.

2. Favourite Teddy - Ellies Favourite is her Jellycat Bunny (we actually have a backup one also, which I do bring)

3. Bike - Just like her Mama, Ellie loves bikes, so I do make room to bring this wee bike. I would usually not use the pram and she will ride this if we are just kicking about.
She's literally on this all day. No kidding.

4. Drink Bottle - Ellie loves having her own bottle every time we leave the house.

5. Lunch Box/bag - This one is her favourite, its her little hand back. Soo cute.
But also its a cooler bag so perfect for her fruits and cherry tomatoes.

6. Puzzle - Its perfect for rainy days. also sometime to do at nights as we wind down before bed.




For me, I like to take 2-3 things that aren't necessities but I just love.
Sometimes its things that have memories or smells that make me happy or just a luxury item that i've splashed out on.


1. Polaroid Camera - I just love this cutie! Although the films are expensive, its so much fun getting instant snaps of our adventures. 

2. Perfume - I will admit i really love perfume. This one from lush is so delish, I wore this when I was on Holiday in Utah so it reminds of my travels there. The bottle is small and easy to pack into my bag.

3. Hair Dryer - I have curly hair, using this Cloud Nine hair dryer is amazing! I have a diffuser for it, I love mega volume and big curls + I hate having wet hair on my shoulders and neck!

4. Candles - Im obsessed with candles! Everyone should own candles. Keep watching my Blog ill be selling my favourite Home Made candles soon :) 


1. Music Box - A little box to keep Ellies treasures.
2. Fairy Lights - We hang fairy lights around our sleeping area and practise our star gazing.

3. Camping Chair - Ellie loooves her little camping char.

4. Colouring Pencils + Scrap Book - Perfect for rainy days. 


Other then Clothes and food, this is mostly all we bring.
Keeping your areas Clean and Organised helps keep order with all your things.
Especially with your kitchen items. 
(i didnt note above but I do also take one small pot, but I usually try eat mostly raw while i'm travelling)

I will be doing another Blog Post on What I do for food and how I store it.

Minimalism to me means not having less stuff, but only having stuff you use!
I try to do most of my travelling During the warmer months so we don't need to pack a lot of extra larger items.

Leave me a comment if there are any items you love to take when travelling that I haven't listed.