Earth Loving Podcasts!

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EARTH TO US   If you wanted to live a more compassionate greener lifestyle then you really need to get listening to these 2 girls. Hannah and Evan are both hilarious; they share an abundance of information and interview some interesting people. The podcast is loaded with inspiration for positive lifestyle changes. LISTEN HERE


PLANTPOWER  This is by far my favourite podcast, maybe because he is a fellow kiwi or maybe it just because it’s such an inspiring podcast. Packed full of healthy habits, beautiful people, mindfulness and love! LISTEN HERE


WELLNESS MAMA  I’m a massive fan of the Wellness Mama Blog. Soooo much information from women’s health to natural home remedies for just about everything. The podcast is a mirror imagine of the blog, the episode on Foods for Hormone Balance is a must listen. LISTEN HERE



PREGNANCY PODCAST  I found this very useful when I found out I was pregnant; I literally listened to this everyday. There is so much information, everything from supplements to baby’s health to changes to your body. LISTEN HERE


THE ESSENTIAL OIL REVOLUTION  Essential oils are life really! You can learn so much from this podcast.  It’s a great place to learn more about natural remedies. There’s even a free course to learn about the basics of oils and safety when using oils. You will be left feeling empowered!  LISTEN HERE
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WILD IDEAS WORTH LIVING  ‘Have you ever had a wild idea but were afraid to act on it? Or maybe you started, but then self-doubt crept in, someone told you that it wouldn’t work, or you talked yourself out of it.
It took me three years to quit my job in 2009 and pursue a life with more adventure, but as a journalist who was interviewing others who had taken their own ideas and made them a reality, I started getting the courage to act on my own.’

Shelby Stanger – (said it best herself. Inspiration for adventure, Healthy living and ultimate girl boss)   LISTEN HERE


THE DIRTBAG DIARIES  Warning – you will get addicted! The music is stunning and the hosts are pleasing to listen to. Its sponsored by Patagonia and you can send in a story of yours if you think it has the wow factor, and hopefully they will make it into an episode. Pretty cool!  LISTEN HERE


SHE EXPLORES  The ultimate podcast for adventure seeking, girl power and getting your butt off the couch to smash them goals. It makes you want to get out doors and get your hands dirty!  LISTEN HERE