Hello Acupressure Mat

Ok so if you havent heard of an Acupressure Mat before your in for a treat with this post. This thing has honestly blown my mind!
They look really bizarre when you check them out online but wholly they look and feel brutal in person! Like, Satisfying but brutal. I was shocked the first time I used it, that it didn’t actually tear my skin off. They do say that you will always remember the first time you use one, hahaha boy were they right there.

I brought mine from this amazing company, Shakti Mats
Just reading about these amazing guys and how they started is really inspiring, but then when you learn more about there values and how they give back is actually next level inspirational! I just love companies like this, it makes me so stoked to be backing their product!

Shakti Mat Review
All of our products are made carefully by hand, with Organic Cotton, plant-based dyes and first class, non-toxic ABS Plastic. The results are high quality, ethically made Shakti products.

With the growth of Team Shakti globally, we have expanded our ethical production to Delhi, where we have carried the same core values of empowerment, abundance, and change for our employees.
— Shakti Mat's
Shakti Mat Review

Now enough about how amazing these guys are, the Mats they have created match the companies energy.
Amazing quality, aesthetically pleasing, and super easy to use!

Shakti Mats are these thin foam mats that have 6,000 plastic spikes on them.
I use mine by laying on it before bed, but you can use them on any part of your body that needs attention. Neck or feet.
They claim to help support Healthy circulation, Deep restful sleep, relaxation of tense muscles, recovery from headaches and overall well being!

I noticed the first time I used it, that although I felt like i was actually on fire but I also felt relaxed. Being 7months pregnant ive been having some really bad back issues (I had them in my first pregnancy also) I have really bad Sciatic Nerve pains with added lower back pains which means I havent been sleeping for the last 2 weeks, like literally 2 hours broken sleep every night, full on tossing and turning!
Getting this Mat was actually my last straw, I wasnt keen on getting 2 sessions with an acupunture a week at $80 a hit… y-ouch!
Gosh this mat worked the first time I used it. The first night was awesome, I had such a restful sleep. My entire body was just so deep in relax mode. I should note though, it hasn’t taken my sciatic pains away during the day, but using the mat for 20min before I go to sleep definitely takes all my back pain away and keeps it away till the morning so i’m able to rest! If I wake in the night and stay awake I seem to still feel rested, its bizarre.

Shakti Mat Review

So using the mat. This is what I like to do and its what is recommended when using it for your back.
I lay it on my bed, you can use it on any surface but I find that using it on the bed helps the Mat follow the line of your spine, allowing your Shakti Mat to get into the lower back super easily!
I sit at the bottom end, I slowly lower myself down on to it! Its actually pretty tricky trying to re-just yourself the first time you use it but it honestly becomes way easier with more use!
I set my timer for 20minutes.
Then I roll off the mat sideways, it does hurt a bit BUT as soon as you are off the pain goes and you are left with a burning sensation, which feels amazing!
Its a great way to add a meditation session to your night routine. I play some calming music or sometimes listen to a podcast while Im on the mat.

What it feels like. So laying on the Shakti Mat for the first time, was for me quiet painful. I was totally counting down my 20 minutes. Then getting off was even more painful. Most likely doesn’t help I have a bowling ball as a belly, but it was painful! Not enough to make you cry but definitely noticeably yuk!
After getting off on the first session, I did feel immediately rested and just nice!
My back had some heat in it, not just on the skin but a deep heat in my muscles.
Then I had the most amazing sleep.

I have since used my Shakti Mat every night. I even use it a couple of times a week in the morning when I have some extra time after a short yoga session!
I have yet to stand on it and try this out but i’ve been told by a couple of friends that it helps them start the day right! It gives them a rush of energy and makes there posture feel more aligned.

Ive always had sleep issues. So I should note that even though I know my sleep problems are due to pregnancy, I’ve actually always suffered when I comes to sleep.
I can never get to sleep and when I wake in the night, even just to pee, i’m guaranteed to stay awake for at-least an hour. I’ve tried all different natural remedies and supplemented everything under the sun, but have never had luck with anything! Ive never been keen to try sleep tablets from my doctor, as it just didn’t seem like a real fix for what ever problem I have!
So im excited to try this out to see if it will fix my actual sleep problems….but given that i’m only 7 months pregnant now, then will soon after have a new born, I wont be able to update you for a while on that front!
But with the results i’ve had so far with how back my back pain has been and how good its been for that, i’m super confident its going to help!

Shakti Mat Review

Its strange to think a simple mat with a heck of a lot of spikes in it can make such a huge difference in your body and well being!
I highly recommend them, I know there are other great Mats on the market but its worth taking a few minutes to read about Shakti Mats, you vote with your dollar and putting some love towards such a rad ethical company is very satisfying!

Check them out here!