Healing my Adult Acne

So a little skin background

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, PCOS for short. 
Here is an awesome short article on how PCOS affects the body and the main side effects.  But as the article points out, the root cause of PCOS has been identified as insulin resistance. So in most cases the only way to cure your face from Acne is by medication.

Even making drastic dietary changes, my face still didn’t clear up, even now as an adult. I was going through a rough patch with my skin, not only did I have a lot of Cystic Acne spots, my face was scattered with healing spots. I thought id give Epsom salts a try to help heal the sore spots.
What I wasn’t expecting was how amazing it was going to be for my acne, skin tone, oil control and Black heads. I noticed a change from day one, but by day three there was a huge improvement. Most of my acne was gone, my sores were now red marks and my pores were sufficiently smaller and clean.


I actually find it strange looking in the mirror now with nice clear skin. I’ve woken up with spotty unhealthy looking skin since I was like 13.


My skin regime has changed a bit since I started using Epsom Salt’s. I like to use Organic and as natural as I can when it comes to skin care.  Even though I use a few different products, I only use minimal amounts, so my products go a long way.


Morning Products


Dissolve 2 tablespoons of Epsom Salt’s in some warm water.

Splash all over face for a few minutes, insuring you get your skin soaked all over.

I like to wash my face with a Tea Tree Foaming wash. I use one pump and massage it into my face for a few minutes, so I know my skin in soaking up the antiseptic properties. It doesn’t dry out my skin either.

These two are my favourites
 Body Shop – Tee Tree Foaming Cleanser
Thursday Plantation – Tea Tree Cleanser

Then I use a Moisturiser. I currently using one from a brand called Plantae. There products are beautiful and the company is all about helping our plant, which has a good feel good factor. This Lotion is great for oily skin, it soaks in beautifully and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.
In the Summer I have been using a cream from Natio, it has an SPF 15, and it to soaks in wonderfully, and doesn’t make my skin get all bumpy like most SPF creams do.

Plantae – Watercress Daily Lotion
Natio – Daily Moisturiser with SPF

Toners.  In the past I was using one from a brand called Ren, which was amazing. I know people have had great success with Witch Hazel but I never really found one that worked well on my skin. Since i've loved the products i've used from Plantae i thought id try their Wild Thyme Toner, so far I really love it. It soaks in quickly and doesn't leave any oily residue on the skin. 

Ren – Clarifying Toner  
Plantae – Face Toner 



Night Regime



I use an electric face brush every night; it is gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate my skin. I use a gentle cleansing wash, but a very small amount so the brush can work its magic easier.

Braun - Cleansing Brush
Plantae – Ivory Cleansing Gel

I do use a Toner/Treatment before I moisturise, at the moment I use a treatment from Origins. This one goes a long way and feels amazing on my skin. 

Origins – Mega Mushroom Treatment

Then I use the same moisturiser I have for the day. Sometimes I splash out and get a night cream if it stands out to me, but most night creams are to thick for me and my skin isn’t a fan of serums or oils.

adult acne

I got a sample from my last order from Plantae for a night cream which i have been using, so far its awesome but it usually takes a week or so to really know with my skin as it starts off great then after a few days, things turn sour quick!
They also gave me a sample for an eye cream (ive tried eye creams in the past but found them a bit pointless), i do love how this one feels though, not sticky at all, feels very moisturising.


adult acne


So every 3 days I use a face mask to help with a deep clean

adult acne

I mix equal parts of Bentonite Clay and Apple cider Vinegar.
I apply this to my face with a makeup brush then let it sit on there for 20 minutes,
then wash it off with some warm water. Pat dry then moisturise.

Winter facemask for extra moisture  - I mash up an avocado, mix in ¼ Hemp Seed Oil and lather it on my skin and let sit for 20minutes.

Spot Treatment – This one is nice to have on hand just in case as it really works.

Origins – Spot Treatment

All these products work beautifully together but the main thing that has done all the hard work keeping my skin clear is the Epsom Salt’s.  If only I had known about the benefits this simple product brings to the table earlier, it would’ve saved me from all the low self-esteem acne manages to inflict.

adult acne


(I'm not sponsored by any of the companies above)