Life Update - Gypsy Mama in the making!

Something most people wouldn’t know about me is I actually grew up in a House truck, which my dad built! We were a family of Gypsies who wore velvet & ate lentils.
Very different kind of lifestyle back in those days, that’s for sure!

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Lately I’ve felt a huge shift inside me.
My inner Gypsy calling out or everyday routines getting the better of me, I don’t know but big changes are about to happen, & I honestly am finding it hard to contain my excitement!

The past month has been a dreamy mess full of excitement & nerves.
But I feel like if I don’t take the risk, I’ll forever be sorry I didn’t follow my heart.

Caravan Lifestyle \\ VANLIFE with an infant \\ Seek adventure \\ dream big


Look out for my New SHOP coming soon.


Bohemian beauties with positive vibes!

I get inspiration for my pieces through the adventures I take.

Misty Mountains
Star gazing
Beach Days
Night Dancing

Every design has a story. I can’t wait to share them with everyone.

I will be Opening a shop on my Website & also starting a journey into the world of Etsy.

Living from Sunset to Sunset \\ Travelling with an Infant ALONE \\ Starting a Small Business on the ROAD


The Wondering Gypsies


For some reason I’ve gravitated towards a life by the beach in a caravan!
I’ve always disliked caravans, so this new journey is very new to me.
I don’t know where this shift came from, but it’s so raw & wilde I’m taking it with an open heart!
I’ve started selling everything I can to gather the funds for our new summer home so I can pack my mini and hit the road this coming summer.

My whole life I’ve wanted to move to Raglan, a small Surf Town not far from where I grew up. Although, I don’t want to leave my life in Wellington,
migrating for the summer is the next best thing!

A new life of bikinis & Barefeet!
Markets days selling our Macrame & ripe summer fruits for dinner!
The excitement is real!

Barefoot \\ Bikinis \\ Coffee Dates + No plans but Slow living!!

Vlogging Hippies


I’ve wanted so much to document our adventures.  We will spend more time creating beautiful videos of our travels, amazing vegan café finds & all the new friends we make while on our new journey!
Growing as a creator is high my desire list.
This has been a hard goal considering I have a huge confidence issue.

So watch this space, follow my Youtube channel + let me know what you think.

Leave a comment bellow if you have a Youtube Channel so I can follow your adventures!

Beach days every day with watermelons and babies!


My main goal from this change in lifestyle is to meet new people.
Connect with like-minded mamas.
Create beautiful content with other artists of all sorts.

If you live in the North Island & would like to hang, flick me a message.
We will be traveling around discovering as many beaches, waterfalls and beautiful bush walks as we can from Taupo to north of Auckland,
so Hola!!