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One of the exciting parts of our travel plans is being able to make and sell Macrame while we explore new places. The main inspiration for my pieces come from what excites me when Im on an adventure. I try to recreate what I see around me.
It also inspires me to choose between one off pieces or a series of artworks. 

I have a feeling there will be a mix of different blues and oranges in my summer pieces.
(we have a lot of beach days and sunset viewing planned).

I made this piece nestled next to our fire manifesting our summer van life adventure. With so much wildness, it will attract spontaneous vibes.
— The Soul Searcher

There are so many mixed feelings when starting out on a business journey, i'm so thankful for all the support i've received from beautiful people on Instagram. 
Its nice to have people backing you and giving you that extra push when the anxiety starts to kick in.


Macrame - the art of knotting string in patterns to make decorative articles.


Ive been wanting to sell my Macrame Wall Hangings for as long as I can remember.
Once I decided I would give it a go, I threw my soul into it, and being a perfectionist the simple time line I made definitely wasn't long enough.
After an extremely busy past few months i'm super excited to share with the world my creations and their background stories. Every piece I make has a meaning behind it and a bunch of feelings that came when making them.

Star Gazing + Moon watching lead me to create this little wonderer. The simple beauty will give any space a wild bohemian vibe.
— The Little Wonderer


Theres going to be a mix of one off Creations and then all so a few different series which i'm excited about.

This Free Spirited Babe came to be one weekend while chasing misty Mountains with my mini sidekick.
— Misty Mountains

So lots going on here, alot more to come
I would love to know what you think


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