What I've been working on ~ Ebook & New Macrame!


Not even sure where to start, I’ve been absent from social media the past few weeks, both because i’ve been super busy working on a few different projects - which ill just say are super exciting. But also being now half way through my second pregnancy has been taking a toll on me mentally. Then also adding in the fact i’m a full time mama to a very adventurous little soul and we are sorting out a whole lot of finishing touches to our on going renovations at home.

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Annnny way, Ive been wanting to put together an ebook for the longest time. I spent a-lot of time procrastinating. Mostly because i’m scared no one will like it, let alone buy it. But its something I cant shake from my overthinking mind! I love taking photos and I have sooo many tasty recipes to share, I just though what the hell.

Of course the recipes will be plant-based, but also they are created for people and families who love being on the road or who love to get out camping!

Over the years my camp food has developed from fast easy tin food meals or the classic Sausages in bread for breakfast lunch and dinner! to meals full of colour and mostly fresh veggies!

Its actually surprising how easy it is to go camping for a few nights and still eat super healthy. It just takes a little prep and a bit of inspiration!
These recipes aren’t just for the keen adventure tho, they taste just as amazing cooked at home. I’m aiming to inspire people to adapt a slow food mindset, where we can still choose healthy home cooked over greasy takeaways, even when we are tired or feel as though we don’t have the time to cook!
Its all about keeping things simple, wholesome and eating food which are in season and grown locally!

I’m over half way through the design, I just need to get together a few extra photos.
Which mean more camping for us! Cant complain!

Watch this space! 


So Macrame

Yay….gosh I love making Macrame Wall Hangings. Its my way of meditation I guess.
It helps me chill out.
I have a few Rad pieces that are awaiting some crystals to be added, I just haven’t found crystals that have felt right for them yet! I want them to be perfect so ill be taking a few trips up north to visit a few funky crystal shops I know of to find the perfect babies for this beauties.

I got the inspiration for these pieces when i was shifting into my second trimester, I was very sick during the first three months so I listened to loads of audio books and podcasts on mindfulness and slow living! Gaahh, wish i researched into this topic years ago, but thats another subject for a future blog post! These pieces reflect simplicity, living slower and always stopping to smell the roses! Because honestly we don’t do this enough.

I cant wait to share these Wall Hangings, as soon as they are perfect ill be added them to MY SHOP Keep a look out on my Instagram stories for updates or SIGN-UP to my newsletter to be the first to know (there might just be a cheeky discount code in there as-well).

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I go camping for my first time with my baby daughter in the middle of nowhere, just Eleanor, Earl (my dog) and Me.

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