Camping with an Infant - Alone!

My first Vlog!

We had a weekend to ourselves so I thought it would be awesome to get out for a camping mission before the weather really gets cold. We nestled into a beautiful little spot along the South Coast of the North Island called Putangirua Pinnacles.


It was a huge learning experience for me to say the least!
I get stressed really easily, more so now that i'm a Mami to a little Free Spirited Babe.

What I was lucky enough to take home from this adventure

To ride the wave together! 
Lets face it jumping in puddles, getting soaked its totally is more exciting then collecting fire wood, even if I had the cutest wee basket to put it all in.

To not expect her to act like a perfect well behaved child 24/7
Tip - Never tell an over tired babe to "shhh" at 5.30 in the morning

Put all devices down (camera included) + Soak in the Memories!

Also, don't feed your dog left over dinner the morning before spending the night together in a tent!
Getting hot-boxed by dog fart in a tent is the WORST!

Look forward to more camping missions packed full of Baby Giggles, New Surroundings + Plant-Based Vegan Food.

Super Grateful for this life!!