New Year - A time for change!

As a new year kicks off, I cant help but get excited about making fresh changes and habits to my life.
For the past 3 years Ive been making a conscious effort to set new goals and write new affirmations to kick off a positive start to each new year.

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This year i’ve changed the way I’m approaching my new year goal setting.

First things first, I’ve actually brought a journal to keep all my manifesting and goal setting ramblings in one place. In the past I have always written it on one piece of paper, then not looked back on it till the end of that year to check things off my list!
I would love to get deep into bullet journalling but I’ll leave that for maybe next year!

Rather than set new creative ventures for this year I want to focus on the stuff that I have half started.

2018 I got so excited about a few different projects I wanted to share with the world, that I overloaded myself at the same time as falling pregnant with my second little cherub that I over stressed myself and fell into a bit of a rut for a while.

> This year I will release my ebook.
> I will concentrate on creating some stunning macrame pieces that I have designed already!
> I am going to write more blog post’s about how I deal with anxiety, about learning to be a patient mama (I still have my L plates with that one, bare with me while I learn), and whats it like travelling with 2 young kiddies!

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Move my body more in different ways from what I’m use to!

So it’s taken me some time (about 2 years in-fact) to realise that I don’t actually have the time anymore to work out life I use to, pre baby!
Also I think my body got so use to working out only one way, that I never actually thought any other style of working out would be beneficial to me so I kinda let my workouts slip….ALOT!
This year I want to explore new ways of working out, also to be feel stoked even when my work out is just a walk because its still doing my body some good!

Get into more Yoga!
Hiking needs to be more frequent!
Running, once my body has healed from birth!
HIT workouts at home!

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Less Stress!!!
Ok so this is my main focus for the year.

I feel like my body has been conditioned to stress all….the…..time!
I stress about debt, then I get out of debt just to then stress about not having savings. Get savings then start stressing about something completely different.
It’s like i’m addicted to stressing about anything!
It’s honestly exhausting.
I want to really focus on living stress free, or more stress less anyway.

Maybe living stress free is more of a life goal not something that I can conquer in 2019 alone!

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More Adventures!

I’m currently planning some cool trips for me and my family!
> Call us crazy but we are heading to Germany and Sweden in April
(crazy cause we will have our 2 year old and a new born with us too).
> I’m unsure whats planned for the winter yet but the summer will be pretty fun as we will be joining the Van Life Fam for a few months while we explore our country!

This year is going to be a big year for growth.

A year of learning!

Making new habits & creating new routines.

Introduce Self love practises.

To be the year where I live the healthiest version of myself!

preggo life

I would love to hear what you have planned for the year?

Are you doing anything adventurers with 2019?

What are you planning on teaching yourself this new year?