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Go to Green Smoothie

This particular green smoothie is honestly my go to smoothie. I would definitely choose this over any other Smoothie. Hands down.



This bad boy is super sweet but creamy with a vibrant green burst of energy. You can actually feel the goodness soak into your body as you drink it. Hence why I have this first thing in the morning as a good pick me up!


First things first are choosing your Green of Choice. I usually use Spinach, as it works well with most fruits and doesn’t leave you with a real tangy after taste. It’s actually sweet and delectable. But lately I’ve been using Kale, as my veggie garden is producing an abundance of it this year. I never did like Kale in smoothies, as I found it to be quite tart. But I think it comes down to how high powered your blender is. (My old one wasn’t quite up to par)


I promise you, this recipe is not scary at all, even though it may look that way. Even if you don’t think you like green smoothies, I could nearly guarantee your little taste buds will be singing after this one!


green smoothie


G R E E N   S M O O T H I E  


Note: I love massive smoothies, so you might need to amend the amounts to suit your smoothie cravings!

3 Large Smoothie Bananas
Massive handful of Kale (remove the thick stalks)
or about 3 cups of spinach
5 Fresh Mint Leaves.
2 cups of frozen Mango
2 or 3 Passion Fruit
3 tsp Barley Grass Powder
3 tsp Vanilla Pea Protein Powder
2 tsp Hemp Protien
1 Tangelo or Orange

Add enough water to blend it to desired consistency.
I like thick smoothies, so I don’t add to much water. Better to start off with less water first, and then add to it.

It’s such a good smoothie to enjoy as it is but for something a little different, make it into a smoothie bowl. You wont be disappointed! It pairs perfectly with some shredded coconut, fresh blueberries and some fresh mango.

Your good to go!

green smoothie