I'm a Mama to one wild little adventurer, but that will all be changing in February as i'm pregnant with our second little munchkin. 
We live in New Zealand in the coolest little capital, Wellington.
We have plans to travel this summer with our roof top tent, spending time at as many beaches as we can before we have to come settle into life at home with a new born.

My approach to life has shifted after becoming a Mami, I want to create a healthy lifestyle full of adventure, in the hopes that my children will grow to be explorers. 


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Before Eleanor picked me to be her Mami I worked as a Signwriter for, gosh must be over 10 years or so (I lost count). 
I never studied or trained for my job, I was lucky enough a friend was able to get me a position in the industry where I was able to start at the bottom, learning my way to becoming a designer.
Although I do miss working in the industry, I feel like my heart is at home with my Daughter for now. 
Ands that’s where I thought starting my own blog would be a nice substitute. I still want to be creative and pairing it with my love for food, fabricating recipes and dreaming about adventure non stop is how I became to starting this blog.



I do believe that fuelling our selves with wholesome foods and listening to our bodies is the key to optimal health.  That is also why I chose to shift my lifestyle to a more organic plant-based one, where I try to avoid processed and packaged foods. My recipes are often gluten-free and made with the most natural ingredients.

I haven't always been this way though.
I went away to work in the mountains for 6months and in this time i become really unhealthy and extremely over weight.
one of my good friends was vegetarian at the time and was talking about going vegan. 
I suddenly found myself gravitating towards the same path. I went VEGETARIAN straight away and threw myself into research.  
I feel like since i transition to being Plant-based Vegan, its changed so much about me and not just my health.
I feel like i have control of my pcos. I never feel sluggish or heavy after meals.
best part is i don't count calories and i eat what ever i gravitate towards.